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Exfoliac Global 6

Noreva Exfoliac Global 6 Intensive Global Care accelerates the regeneration of the skin and eliminates acne inflammation (pimples and whiteheads), while making the skin smooth and healthy.


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Noreva Exfoliac Global 6 Intensive Global Care 30ml is a high tolerance treatment cream for moderate to severe imperfections to exfoliate, correct, smooth, matify and soothe.

Lipobactol allows to penetrate biofilms (bacterial shield of protection) and eliminate bacteria, regulate sebum to prevent the formation of post-acne scarring.

AH300 stimulates β defensins, activates fibroblasts and production of collagen. Limits the appearance of post acne scarring.

AS CAPS + ΩHA gently exfoliates with a lasting effect. Limits epidermal thickening.

Microsponges + Ceramides
Hyaluronic acid 300 activates the skin’s innate immune defense mechanism, increasing the production of defensine and promoting skin tissue repair.

This care ensures an immediate and long-lasting exfoliation thanks to the encapsulation of micronized salicylic acid 2% combined with the regulation of the keratinocyte proliferation, avoiding obstruction of pores.

Thanks to micro-sponges, ceramides and moisturizing agents, this care perfectly moisturizes and matifies the skin. It constitutes an excellent make-up base, slightly perfumed.

Paraben-free. Non comdeogenic.

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