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Child’s Play Hair Detangler

Child’s Play is a hair detangler serum with a high natural content of up to 50% to provide a high combability and detangling effect.



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A detangler hair serum with high natural content to provide high combability and detangling effect.
Formulated to be compatible with the most stringent EU standards for silicone use in haircare products.Child’s Play Serum keeps in mind the unique texture and structure of Indian hair types and is designed to respect and enhance these attributes. Child’s Play hair detangler serum is preservative free and fragrance free.

How to use:

  • Apply a few drops of the detangler hair serum on half dry hair, from root to tip, and comb through. Increase product volume for longer hair or for very frizzy hair.
  • Apply the serum on almost dry hair from root to tip, and allow to set in. After 20 minutes, proceed to style your hair with your styling tools.
  • Child’s Play is a hair detangler serum and is not meant for use on the scalp.
  • Child’s Play hair detangler serum can be used as a pre-wash when used as a mechanical lice removal application and as a post-wash to increase hair smoothness and make it more slippery for lice to reinfect. It is important to note that while the Child’s Play hair detangler serum may offer benefits in terms of mechanical lice removal, it should not be considered a standalone treatment for lice infestations.

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